Riopelle Design Group is a spatial design company, combining architectural knowledge, project management and creative design skills.

Our physical space has an enormous impact on our happiness.  Our homes and business can either distract us or inspire us.  Great spaces are the conscious balance of aesthetics and function. When families or businesses can successfully enjoy, relax and work within a space, there is typically a blur distinguishing form from function.

Whether you are remodeling your current space and constructing a new build, Riopelle Design Group’s focus is to educate, inspire and assist through this process. The designer/builder relationship is extremely important. Working together effectively as a team brings the project to a successful completion. Our goal to is help transform your vision into a space that feels and works great, and make that process simple and enjoyable for you.

We offer a flexible plan to fit your needs, ranging from consultation to specific selection/design needs to entire project involvement.

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About Paige

I have always loved and appreciated design. Good design. When I spent my childhood creating homes and consumer-driven businesses with wood blocks, Legos or Fischer Price, but never playing within them, I should have known design was in my future. Struggling at times for being passionate about something that can be perceived as superficial has slowly turned into acceptance and gratitude for who I was meant to be. Helping people love their home or thrive in their business surroundings is a gift worth sharing.

Having been a home and business owner herself during construction projects, Paige has an understanding of the emotional and stressful attachment involved in the varied intricacies of all the decisions that need to be made during the building process. As your designer, she will educate on the process and options available, guide and streamline your selections, and simplify the confusion by understanding your needs to create sensible design solutions for a cohesive home or business. Paige has a strong understanding of the bones of a building, a deep respect the construction trade, and a love for being at construction sites.